Operational activity 


Founded in 1993, Geopetrol SA operates mature oil fields in France. The Company fully owns and operates 18 producing fields in 4 Regions: Ile de France, Champagne, Alsace and South-West of France.

Despite aging fields, Geopetrol SA is actively engaged in a cost-efficient management of each mature field, using appropriate and modern technology.

With about forty active wells, Geopetrol SA was producing around 1,000 bopd (net) in 2014 (5% of production in France, Geopetrol being the third producing Company in the country). Processed in one of the processing plants, hydrocarbons are then transported by road tanker or pipeline to the refineries of Grandpuits, Donges or Karlsruhe.

The plants are perfectly integrated into the local environment, both from a human and ecological view point. For each ton of oil produced, a tax of 20.90 € is paid to communal and departmental administrations.

Geopetrol SA employs about forty people, shared between the Head Office located in Paris and the production sites, with local recruitment being the preferred option.

In addition to its producing Assets, Geopetrol SA also holds exploration permits covering a total area of 1,140 km².

In 2014, Geopetrol SA had a turnover of 16.2 million Euros.