Geopetrol S.A. : A French independent Company, on a human scale 


Geopetrol S.A. was born in July 1993 when mature fields in France were purchased from producing Companies such as Esso, Total or Triton. With its organisation, competencies and philosophy, Geopetrol could extend and maximise the production of these mature fields in a responsible and profitable way. These fields are still producing today. As a recognised Operator, Geopetrol also obtained exploration permits in the Oil and Gas sector as well as in Renewable Energies (geothermal Energy), either alone or in partnership with reputable energy organisations such as « Electricité de Strasbourg »

With its diversified activities, Geopetrol benefits from multidisciplinary teams (Geoscience, HSE, Drilling, Production and Exploitation) allowing complete independence for the diagnostic and management of its Assets. The personnel are regularly trained, internally or outside the Company, in order to continuously update technical know-how and knowledge, especially in the sectors of Safety, Environment and Industrial Risks.

With such know-how, Geopetrol has been able to bring technical assistance to other companies and partners, especially in the domains of Geoscience, Drilling and Well Intervention.

Important steps for Geopetrol S.A. history :

1993 Setting up of Geopetrol SA
Acquisition of 5 fields in the Paris Basin
1994 Acquisition of 3 fields in Alsace and 2 other fields in the Paris Basin
1995 Acquisition of 3 fields in the South West of France
1996 Acquisition of 1 field in the Champagne area
1997 Acquisition of 3 other fields in the Paris Basin
1998 Started again production on a field in the South West of France
2000 Drilling an exploration well with Coparex in the Paris Basin
Drilling a development well in Alsace
2001 Drilling a second development well in Alsace
2002-2005 Operations in Egypt through the subsidiary Geopetrol Eastern Desert
Drilling 2 delineation wells in 2003
2006-2007 Drilling 2 wells in the Paris Basin
2009 Head Office transfer into the centre of Paris
2013/2014 Drilling 1 well in the Paris Basin
Acquisition of 3 fields in the South West of France