October 2013: The Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy and the Minister of Industry authorized by decree the transfer of Pecorade production concession in favour of Geopetrol SA

December 2013: The transfer of Lagrave production concession is granted to Geopetrol SA 

October 2014: Geopetrol SA becomes the new mining title holder of the Lacq production concession

Geopetrol SA has intensified its activities in the South-West region with the support of a regional team composed of around 15 experienced professionals and with substantial investments aiming at maximizing oil production by pooling the ressources of the various sites.

Today, our company produces on a national scale more than 1 000 barrels per day and extracts around 250 000m3 of gas for industrial use only.
More than two thirds of the production comes from the South-West region.