Quality policy 


All Geopetrol activities are developed with a systematic approach of quality, relayed by the motivation and sense of initiative of our personnel.

To reach innovative and profitable solutions, our quality policy carries the four following main objectives:

  1. Forecast human and material resources in line with the needs, while maintaining reactivity and flexibility according to actual situations and constraints,
  2. Evaluate the impact of operations on personnel, outside Companies, communities and environment, in an objective and recurrent way,
  3. Establish and regularly update the procedures and specifications used for our activities, and also checking that the spirit of regulations and their applicability are respected,
  4. Fully support all the personnel in order to continue smooth development of the Company on the international market, through a close relationship between the Head Office and the various production centers.

The Management complies with its obligation of supplying all necessary means towards its personnel and verifies that each employee assimilates the quality objectives through a participative, successful and gratifying approach.